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Stoops Magazine

Stoops Magazine - Issue 11 Summer

Stoops Magazine - Issue 11 Summer

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Issue 11 of Stoops is here, and definitely is for sale, but let’s ignore the dollars and cents of it and focus on the subject: mental health.

This issue was a difficult one, not just emotionally, but in treading lightly among a very sensitive subject to get some hard truths from those struggling with mental illness, and even just general mental health tribulations. I believe we succeeded in walking that line and this issue is very heavy, both in it’s editorial and photo bounty.


-       Articles: First Words, The Ones Left Behind, In Brief: John Gardner, Bi-polar Disorder, Depression, One-Offs (Photo Gallery), Breaking The Cycle, Skating With Schizophrenia, The Lucy Raemers Interview

-       Cover: Daichi Ishibashi – Ollie. Fukuoka, Japan. (P) Masa Yoshimoto.

-       Photographers: Jon Coulthard, Reece Leung, Masahiro Yoshimoto, Mike Heikkila, Eby Ghafarian, Cole Giordano, Clément Harpillard, Tadashi Yamaoda, Bradford Bishop, Dharam Khalsa, Darnell Scott, Simon Algeo, CORNPHOTO, Sam McKenna, Mark Dillon, Erick Sandoval, Dyshon Whidbee, Jeremy Cohan, Zach Malfa-Kowalski.

-       Skaters: Ben Raemers, John Gardner, Ducky Kovacs, Nick Matthews, Max Murphy, Harry Lintell, Vivient Feil, Dead Dave, Chris Athens, Vincent Milou, Charlie Munro, Brendan Leddy, Sho Ma, Yesenia Ramirez, Jason Waters, Dyshon Whidbee, Charlie Birch, Daichi Ishibashi, Foz, Blinky, Dustin Eggeling, John Worthington, Miyauchi Yakuya, Mecca Mshaka-Morris, Masaki Ui, Alex Fogt, Eddie Belvedere, Matisse Banc, Tom Zealand, Zach Chamberlain, Alex Hallford, Amelien Foures, Haruto Yoshimura, Jiri Bulin, John Lindsay, Reggie Colvin, Ryan Siemens, Shane Wallington, Ryuji Gushiken, Vincent Boyom, Treveon Wade.

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