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Stoops Magazine

Stoops Magazine - Issue 7 Spring 2021

Stoops Magazine - Issue 7 Spring 2021

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The seventh issue of Stoops is from a non-skater's perspective from our guest editor Bianca Sia. The photos are what you have come to expect from Stoops, but with more photographers in this issue than ever before. It includes the following:

- Cover: Mason Silva - Double Bar Ollie, (P) Anthony Acosta

- Articles: Koreatown (LA) Guide, In Brief: Brian Reid, In Brief: Haley Isaak, Not An Elijah Berle Interview, The Dominick Walker Interview, One-Offs.

- Photographers: Anthony Acosta, Nobou Iseki, Reece Leung, Kenji Haruta, Fabien Ponsero, Darnell Scott, Matt Fookes, Liam Annis, Mike Heikkila, Eby Ghafarian, Rafael Gonzalez, Jeff Comber, Cole Giordano, Mac Shafer, Tadashi Yamaoda, Nick Hatt, Bradford Bishop.

- Skaters: Mason Silva, Louie Lopez, Elijah Berle, Dominick Walker, Brian Reid, Haley Isaak, Tiago Lemos, Jahmir Brown, Flo Mirtain, Chris Pfanner, Lizzie Armanto, Dead Dave, Taylor Kirby, Max Murphy, Brett Weinstein, Brett Sube, Jiri Bulin, Taihou Tokura, Rafael Moreno Jr., Jeff Srnec, Leo Takayama, Elijah Akerley, Jerry Mraz, Zane Crowther, Johnny Matarazzo, Yannes Van Den Brande, Nisse Ingemarsson, Yuma Takei, Matt Birt, Grady Smith, Cole Dixon, Keyaki Ike, Justin Basset, Lurker Lou, Jonnosuke Okada, Josue Watts.

- Writer: Bianca Sia

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