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Uma Instrument Evan Deck 8.25”

Uma Instrument Evan Deck 8.25”

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Art by Dave Carnie
Evan Smith pro model
8.25" x 31.93" / 14.3" WB

You say you don’t know Dave Carnie, but you do know Dave Carnie. Heard of Big Brother? Jackass? Dave had a hand in nurturing those into infamy. He is a modern Renaissance man; skater, writer, photographer, artist, animal lover (he has a cat with no tail - Gary).

I met Dave many moons before those, when we were two dorks trading zines (his was “Surreal”). I think I knew him as an artist before a skater, or writer. He made (and still makes) these detailed, staged photos that looked as though they were transported through a wormhole straight from an alternate 17th century. Weird and super intriguing. Each with a story. He continues that vibe with “The Honey Horn”, a mix of painting, collage and storytelling. Please enjoy Dave Carnie’s new offerings for Uma Landsleds. Stoked to have him onboard. - Andy Jenkins

Dave’s IG is @acid.invader, and his web thing is

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